Better with Berries

Oh boy, do I love Milkybar.

So imagine how excited I was to get a brief to help launch new Milkybar Berry Crumble.

The client wanted a Facebook video idea that would generate conversation and reach, as well as positioning the product as a treat for the whole family (not just for kids).

I’ve seen the internet. I know what drives conversation and reach. So that’s what I made.

UPDATE: JERRY hops past 1 million views on Facebook.

MilkyBar Berry Crumble – ‘Many Moods’ from Mike Barry on Vimeo.

MilkyBar Berry Crumble – ‘Jerry’ from Mike Barry on Vimeo.



Concept – Mike Barry, Isabel Matias, Bianca Li Donni (The White Agency)

Writer and Director – Mike Barry

Production – Alice Fisher (The White Agency), Grant Anderson & Rebecca Lamond (Agile Productions)

Editor – James Howard (Agile Productions)

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