CommBank – The Harringtons

Financial planning is boring. But life is funny.


This project, created for CommBank, is one of my all-time favourites, mainly because I was able to take something many people have trouble relating to (financial planning) and place it in a context everyone can relate to (family).

Not only was I able to use the creation of this fun web series to work through some of my own extended family issues, I was also able to contribute to a 19.8% increase in referrals (over double the target set by the Bank) and even win a Silver Effie!

The Harringtons – Episode 01: Intervention

The Harringtons – Episode 02: Expecting

The Harringtons – Episode 03: Matchmade

The Harringtons – Episode 04: Sunny days ahead


Concept and Creative Direction – Mike Barry, The White Agency

Director – Dan Ilic

Producer – Rhadi Bryant, The White Agency

Scripts – Trent O’Donnell, Mike Barry, Marcus Tesoreiro

Check out the case study on The White Agency site.

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