U by Kotex – Period Party

U by Kotex – Social Media Period Party from Mike Barry on Vimeo.

Using social to turn PMS into PM-YES

When girls hit their 20s, they stop using the femcare products their mums recommend, and look for a brand they can call their own. So the brief was to get girls to pick U by Kotex as their femcare brand, and to use Facebook and Instagram to help them do it.

LOLS are good for girls. And business.

By presenting U by Kotex as the ultimate cycle sister (look it up), my team and I helped an exponentially growing number of girls laugh their way through that time of the month, giving them a never-ending stream of fun, inspiring and humorous content in the social platforms they love.


Seriously, how good is this stuff…

Check out the UBK Facebook page.

And the UBK Instagram page.


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